But who is behind this? It seems to be a few companies which sell cars in the USA, Australia and Germany.

A few others have moved to the European continent while others left

Some have followed Porsche’s lead with their new R&D (production), others moved in new direction but not as big as they should. They are all moving in their own direction

Porsche’s R&D is already good but is there anything else at stake that will convince us this is really new and this is the only one we might see?

(Picture: F2C Motorcycles)

Update (9/13/18): There is currently no comment from Porsche regarding this, so don’t bother reading the comments to find out the explanation.

Update (9/13/18): Another question for some unknown guy. I think Porsche still doesn’t want to see a new project as a new car.

Porsche also wants to improve its reliability for those who love to try new things.

In short:

1) Porsche wants to make something that is a lot faster (more energy is not being put into the cars because there is no power source to keep up with).

2) Porsche has also been working on