(1) Note that Nissan offers a range of options available to vehicles. “Sale price includes optional premium seat belt, seat belt cable, Premium steering wheel, Premium audio system, Premium leather seats, Premium cargo seats, Premium cargo wheels, Optional leather seats, Premium door handles and Premium door openings, Premium cargo and cabinetry items. The list is complete and does not include features such as front window, seat and tailgate, custom front wheel and tailgate accessories, custom side air bags, the interior of rear passenger-side luggage, and front and rear passenger-side door lock. The Nissan NHTSA (Nissan National Highway Traffic Safety Administration) offers a range of options available to vehicles. Details are not included for each category. No part Number: 70301-1701-01.

(2) The Nissan NHTSA offers numerous special features and services available to its members. “Specialized service is provided by Nissan National Traffic Center (NHTSA). Specializations include crash testing, crash assessment, collision investigation, highway monitoring, motor vehicle accident report forms, vehicle impact and pedestrian assessment, collision response and collision monitoring, and accident investigation. Limited service is provided to Nissan from Nissan Service Centers, Nissan Service Centers, NHTSA and NHTSA Region 1 and NHTSA for crash testing. The Service Centers and N