5. A new roadblock for Mercedes

The last time that Mercedes has really tried to put its head down on a roadblock was 2016 when the team decided to keep its drivers from following any of its new track lines in Formula One. This is the same team that had made so much progress in 2015, and which then pulled away in their latest round of racing.
With the new track configuration, no more power can be used on the straight line between the two poles, so Mercedes decided to push its forward drive to start early in order to find a path into the first corner. Instead of an obvious shortcut, the team opted to turn around and go past the cars directly ahead of it from the backside of the track. Mercedes has always tried to go as far as possible in this situation, and with their new car they could find a path into the corner just before the power line. Once at the start of the corner, Mercedes went right to the pit lane and drove straight there.

The car in front had an interesting combination of power and speed, a great combination to drive hard into the corner and have the car accelerate to the left as opposed to just going through the turn. In theory, these two drivers could combine their strengths to go past the cars, and then drive into the corner without