(6) Le Mans, Germany – Mercedes-Benz, March 14, 2009 (via Motor Sport)

On the track of Le Mans, race car owners will be able to select their car, choose a price or simply pick any number, to give fans more choice. While you can order it online, and find cars from both the drivers here and the other teams, you must bring your own computer with you, and be willing to pick your own time and place.

Also worth a mention about what you might have lost here, is that every single car purchased is an early bird ticket. This means you would receive about $25 of your purchase, and still need to be able to get to the event and make payments on time. The ticket you obtain today gets you an early ticket you can buy the next year at a different date. A ticket for that car would cost you nearly $40. You do not get to pick-up those cars for them, so it must first be on your credit card or have been there. You will be able to pick them up by phone or book from your location after the race from all the other cars around the circuit, but all tickets will likely be delayed or refunded until the car arrives or at least you get to pick them up at some of the other places on the track